Book Review Deadly Gamble By Connie Shelton

Deadly Gamble is the 1st book in the Charlie Parker Mystery Series By Connie Shelton. The book was first published in 1995 and is 240 pages long. Linda Evans narrates the audiobook.

The story revolves around Charlie Parker who owns a private detective agency with her brother. She is the accountant for the agency and her brother does the actual private eye stuff. The book takes place in Albuquerque , NM and was a major selling point for me.

The main plot consists of Charlie taking on a small task for an old friend when her brother is out of town. The task quickly turns into a murder investigation and predictably lands Charlie in some hot water although nothing too major. I found this to be a sort of Kinsey Millhone “light”.  The book is a bit formulaic and predictable in some ways but still really enjoyable. Charlie was an interesting enough character to keep me engaged and I would like to see where she goes as the series progresses. I listened to the MP3 on my Kindle Fire and the major downfall was the production value. Most of the time when I pick up a murder/mystery book it’s in the audio format. I listened to the entire V.I Warshawski series, and the entire Kinsey Millhone series on audiobook and Deadly Gamble just doesn’t compare. At times the narrator seemed uninterested in the story and I could hear the pause in her voice when she was flipping pages. At times I even heard the pages themselves being turned. Even though I didn’t love the narration it didn’t detract so much from the book that I disliked it.

Over all it was a fun quick read and a series I will probably continue reading.


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