Thoughtful Reading IThink

So last year I discovered a little thing called goodreads. I know I was late to the game I am always late to the game. Except when the games involves the backstreet boys then I am always on time no, I am always early! Anyway I digress. So I found goodreads and I loved it  all of it.  The best thing about it though was that it really opened my eyes to what I was reading. I have been an avid reader since I was six. My mom gave me the reading bug by spending every night reading to me and my sister. We read the entire Little house series, James and the Giant peach, Little Women, The Box Car children, Charlotte’s web and so many more. The  second I could read I did it all the time. I loved Nancy Drew and the Babysitters Club among others and spent hours reading. As I got older I become interested in mystery and suspense novels and I spent years reading James Patterson, Mary Higgins-Clark, Sara Paretsky, Lisa Gardener, and Sue Grafton. These days I still read books from those authors (except Patterson his stuff doesn’t hold any appeal for me right now) and I still enjoy them but a lot of them where just fluff. Now don’t get me wrong fluff (especially marshmallow fluff that stuff always has a place with me) has a place but it was all I was filling my head with and, I decided I wanted some other stuff in my head too. A bunch of what I was reading started to just melt together and I couldn’t even remember simple things about books I had just finished. So that is why this year I decided to read with a more thoughtful approach. I am trying to branch out and read authors I am unfamiliar with, and subjects I previously wouldn’t have looked twice at. I also realized my well of African-American authors was really low. I haven’t even read anything by Alice Walker!! What!!?? I know,I know but I am going to remedy that soon!! I also wanted to read some more non-fiction works about all kinds of subjects but, right now I  have a real hankering for all things Harlem Renaissance and great migration related so those are first.

So the point is this is the year of thoughtful reading for me . I want to look back next year and recall more books I liked or at least found interesting than not. So join me as I read more thoughtfully. But don’t worry there is still room for some fluff (not just marshmallow! Did I mention I like marshmallow fluff?)

Also take a look here to see what other things I am challenging myself to do this year in the world of reading at least!


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