Recruited (Alias) By Lynn Mason

Recruited (Alias) 

An Original Prequel Novel Based On The Hit TV Series Created By J.J Abrams

Written By Lynn Mason Published 2002 By Bantam Books


I love the TV series Alias in fact I fan-girl hard core for all things Alias (and all things Jennifer Garner). I watched the series beginning to end and even though I never got all my questions answered during the series ( umm hello “Deep Throat”)  it was so good it really didn’t matter. So when I stumbled upon a couple of Alias books at my local goodwill I snapped them up without even reading the back. I found books 1&2 in this particular prequel series. Book #1 Recruited takes place when Sydney Bristow is a Freshman at UCLA and has only been friends with Francie for what seems to be less than a year. Recruited is all about Sydney’s life right before and shortly after she is recruited by SD-6. The only series regulars that make an appearance in this book besides Sydney are Francie, and Sloan (although he is only in the book for a very brief scene). Jack Bristow Sydney’s father is mentioned throughout the book but never makes an actual appearance and Will is not on the scene yet. To me this is a book for serious Alias fans. Fans who have imagined what things were like before Sydney learned that SD-6 wasn’t really the CIA.  I did have some problems with the way Sydney was written. In the TV show Alias Sydney is a confident and self assured and can take out almost anyone without hel,p and without  hesitation. I think because I am so use to confident butt kicking Syd I didn’t exactly know if I bought the shy Syd who lacks much in the way of confidence that was in the first 1/2 of the book. However as the book progresses and Sydney begins to move up with in SD-6 you see her confidence grow and I began to accept the depiction of Syd before SD-6. This first book is short on action which is what Alias is known for but that is understandable considering most of the book takes place before she is an official SD-6 agent. There is one action scene at the end of the book and it was pretty well played out. Of course you know Syd is going to make it out so there isn’t any suspense but it does a good job of showing what newbie agent Sydney would be like. Overall I enjoyed the book and I plan to read book 2 fairly soon and, I will be trying to get my hands on the other books in the series.


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