On Audiobooks: Do They Count As Books?

I know that there is a ton of conversation both good and bad about audiobooks. There is a group of people who say they don’t believe people should count them as books read, since they didn’t physically read them. I happen to disagree with that particular point of view. I have listened to hundreds of audio books in my life and I count them among all the other books I have read. I feel like it’s no different from the books my mother and father read to me as a child. I also count the books I read in school while in class, you know the scenario  students have to stand up and read pages out loud to each other, just because other students read parts to me doesn’t mean I wasn’t just as involved in that book the way I would have been had I read it by myself. The author of the book still wrote it, they still spent hours upon hours brainstorming, writing, revising, editing and re-writing the book. Hours of work still went into cover art, title, release date , promotion and all the other things that go with a new book.  In addition to all the above even more goes into producing an audiobook that doesn’t go into a physical book.There are the narrators and production teams,mixers, and sound people and a whole bunch of stuff I probably don’t even know about or understand. The bottom line is we should all be able to feel the way we want to feel about audiobooks without feeling looked down upon or judged because of it. Sometimes the only way some people get to enjoy a book is in the audio format because they are so busy. It’s much easier to download an MP3, or pop a CD into the player  and listen to it while cooking,cleaning,driving kids to and from, working out and all the other things busy people have to do. Which is better, an audiobook or no book at all? I choose the former.

So those are my thoughts on audiobooks and the are they or aren’t they discussion.

I am planning on doing a 3 or 4 part series on audiobooks that will revolve  around a bunch of different areas including, genres, narrators, purchasing vs library and anything else that pops into my head. I am by no means and expert in this area I just know what I like and thought it would make an interesting topic. I hope you enjoy what I have to say.

Until Next Time


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