Mini Reviews

These are some books that I have recently finished reading and, for  one reason or another I just don’t have much to say about them. So, I put them all together into one post and this is it.

Here we go.

To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee


Published 7/11/60 by J.B Lippincott & Co.

So I don’t really think this book needs another review does it? No. I can’t exactly say why it took me till now to read this book considering its my sisters favorite book , and all the hype surrounding it. When hype lasts that long there must be something behind it right? I think the reason it’s taken me so long to read it, has something to do with my perception of the book. I assumed I knew what the story was about and how it ended.  After reading it I was mostly wrong. It didn’t have the ending that I thought it would but, it did follow a pattern I thought it might. Overall I thought the book was really good and I am glad I finally read it.

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Outside Beauty by Cynthia Kadohata


Published 12/22/2009 by Antheneum

This was what they call a coming of age story. It was also one of about 4 books I have read recently that  could be put into that category. This is the story of a beautiful woman named Helen who has 4 daughters by 4 vastly different men. The book is narrated by Shelby the 2nd daughter. Helen is incredibly beautiful, selfish, vain, and narcissistic.She uses her beauty to seduce and use men to get what she wants. Helen is also a truly terrible mother. There is no other way to put it she is just bad yet, her daughters adore her.  Helen is involved in a serious car accident and must stay in the hospital so the girls are split up and sent to live with their fathers, with whom they have had minimal contact with and, who live in different parts of the country.I really enjoyed the parts that revolved around Shelby getting to know her father they were sweet and sincere.  Shelby’s dad was a great character and I would have liked more of him.  The book is really about these girls being torn apart and them trying to find their way back to each other anyway they can. The end was a little to neatly wrapped up for me and I just couldn’t get over that. I think  I liked it enough to think about picking up another book from this author.

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The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot


Published 3/8/2011 by Broadway

I’m not going to summarize this because I don’t think I can summarize it well. Click the link to either goodreads or Amazon if you want to know about it. This book was fascinating. The idea that this one woman’s cells have had such a huge effect in the medical community  is amazing. Having said that I can’t say I actually liked the book.I can understand why so many people love it because the whole idea surrounding it is amazing and scary, and well, fascinating. I think the problem for me was the mix of the scientific with the story about Henrietta it just didnt’ mesh well for me. I really had to push myself to read the last 1/3 of this book it became a chore almost. I heard they were going to make this into a movie and I think it might actually translate better on-screen.

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No One You Know by Michelle Richmond


Published 5/19/2009 by Bantam

I listened to the audiobook and the fact the narrator saved this book from being as boring as it could have been. If not for the her I may have stopped this book after just a few chapters. A great narrator can make a so-so book better. The problem was the book was just boring. The story revolves around 2 sister Ellie and Lila. Lila is the older sister, and a math prodigy and a murder victim. After Lila is murdered a friend and former teacher of Ellie’s writes a  book about it, and this has huge consequences for Ellie and her parents and, the man who is fingered as the killer in the book. No one is ever charged with the crime and 20 years later Ellie starts looking into the case . It sounds like a great premise but, it never took off for me. There was a lot of really in-depth information of all things math related. The book even goes into details about tsome famous people in the math community. Overall it was just boring. Had I been reading a physical copy of this book I would have put it down. By the end I didn’t even care if the man accused had committed the murder or not.

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