Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by the lovely ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish.

This weeks top ten is

Top Ten Words/Topics That Instantly Make Me Buy/Pick Up A Book

Here they are in no particular order

10. Harlem Renaissance

In the crazy fantasy world I keep up in my brain I think it would have been awesome to have been alive during this era. I can just imagine hanging out with Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston and Marcus Garvey discussing the social issues of the time. Listening to Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and,Nat King Cole while sipping bootleg beer. I understand that what I have in my mind is a romanticized version of what really happened but I just can’t help it.

9.  Female Detectives

I love female detectives. Old, young, british, american, police detectives, amateur detectives I love them all. I will try out a book even without knowing much about it if it mentions a female detective.

8.  Female Lawyers

If there is anything I love more than female detectives its female lawyers. Just like with the detectives I love all kinds of lawyers,except for amateur since there is no such thing as an amateur lawyer.

7.  Cozies

Anything classified as a cozy is probably something I am going to at least look at. Cozies are great for times when I have just finished a book with a sad or tough topic.  They are like a palet cleanser

6.  Deep dark family secrets

I love me some family secrets. The deeper and darker the better.

5. The great migration

This is a subject that I have only just gotten into and I am hooked. It’s a sad time in history so it can be a bit heavy (which is where the cozies come in) It’s also a subject that isn’t really covered in history class at least not where I am from. I feel like there is so much to be learned and I could read about it forever and not even scratch the surface.

4. Fashion

I love fashion magazines so it stands to reason that I would love to read books about fashion. This can take the form of a book like the Devil Wears Prada a fiction book that centers around fashion. It can also take the form of a book from someone like Victoria Beckham,. Rachel Zoe, or Tim Gunn where they talk about all things fashion.  Bottom line if it even looks like it might have something to do with fashion I am going to give it a look.

3. Anything to do with being a makeup artist or hairstylist

I feel the same way about makeup and beauty related topics as I do about fashion. I will read fictional books about makeup artists or beauty salons or real books by makeup artists.

2.  Food

If a book revolves around someone who owns a bakery, coffee shop, or is a chef I am in. I will probably read the book even if it seems cheesy. I especially love it if the recipes for the foods mentioned are in the book. I have actually made quite a few things from a few of the series I read.

1. Medical conspiracies/Pandemics and Epidemics

I love books with conspiracies anyway and, when they are in the medical field I love it more. Stories with crazy corrupt doctors and corporations doing creepy medical experiments I’m in. Anything to do with releasing a super bug and creating an epidemic or pandemic yes please.

Alright that’s it for this weeks Top Ten Tuesday

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Happy 20th Anniversary

So I just got back from a trip to California where I spent about 8 days riding rides, eating too much and, celebrating the Backstreet Boys 20th anniversary. Yes that’s right folk 20 years. I myself have been a fan for 17 years so I knew that I had to be in L.A. to celebrate.I was 14 when I discovered the Backstreet Boys and I have been a major fan ever since. I am the kind of fan who goes to the store at midnight to get the new album, who travels wherever they have to for concerts, and who imports albums from Japan just so I can get that one bonus track that’s not available in the U.S. . So the anniversary party took place Saturday night at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood. I stood in line for 3 hours something that I probably could have done with more ease about 10 years ago. The show started about 15 minutes after I got in and I had a blast. The overall experience was great but I have no photos to show since both my phone and camera went dead almost as soon as I got into the  place. BSB played some new music which you can listen to here. OHMYGOD the music sounds excellent and kind of different from what they have done before.  I am so excited for the new album it’s been way to long since I’ve had new music from them. They also told some funny stories about crazy fans, showed a clip from their upcoming documentary and answered some fan questions.

Initially I was planning on attending the Walk Of Fame ceremony that was held on Monday the 22nd but, after standing for so long at the party and then going to Disneyland on Sunday I was so tired. Some people got there at 7am and the ceremony didn’t start until around 11:30am. You can watch the ceremony here if you are so inclined. In the end my family wanted to go to California Adventure so I watched the ceremony on my phone while walking around and waiting in line for rides. I admit I teared up a bit especially during Kevin’s and Aj’s speeches. I know it sounds lame but the Backstreet Boys are much more than just a group of singers to me their music holds a special place in my heart. That however is a different subject for a different time.  I really would have liked to watch it live but I just couldn’t do it. Thank goodness it was off-season and the lines weren’t long and there were a lot of places to sit or I might not have made it!  I ended up visiting the Hollywood walk of fame on Wednesday partly because in all the times I’ve been to California I have never done it but, mostly to see the Backstreet Boys star. The walk of fame is nothing like I thought it would be and now I know what it’s like but I wont be doing it again.

The one and only photo I took

The one and only photo I took

I had a great time and now it’s back to anticipating the new album and the next tour. I believe they will be releasing a single soon and I will be back to talk about that.  I am also anticipating an album release date soon and tour dates as well.

Next up I have a couple of book reviews and my first monthly wrap up.

Until Next Time

Top Ten Tuesday REWIND!

So you know what this is by now right? No? OK well this is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. They present a topic and we list our top ten choices within that topic. This week we get to go back and pick any of the past topics we liked and use it. I picked 2 different topics and split my 10 in to 2 groups of 5.  First Up…

Top Ten Books I can’t believe I’ve never read

Here they are in no particular order

5. Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte

I feel like I talk about this book so often you would think I would have read it 10 times over. I keep picking it up and getting 40 or so pages in and then putting it down. I don’t really know why or if I will ever actually read it but it’s so on the short list.

4. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

I can’t say why I haven’t read it since my mom keeps going on and on and on about how much she loves it. I think I may be scared of the Brontes.

3. Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell

This movie has some serious childhood memories attached to it. I love the movie and I watch it whenever it comes on. I also find myself quoting lines in my everyday life. So why haven’t I read it you ask? Because I’m scared. What if I hate the book or it’s so good I start disliking parts of the movie! AHHH!  As God is my witness I will read this book.

2. The Color Purple by Alice Walker

I feel pretty much the same about this book as I do Gone with the Wind. I love this movie it holds a special place in my movie heart and I might feel differently after I read the book but, I will read it this year.

1. North and South by John Jakes

When I tell you that this is yet another movie that sort of defined my adolescence you are going to think that my parents only exposed me to things with serious race issues attached and, well you would kind of be right! But  that’s a topic for another time. This miniseries was MAJOR in my life and yet I haven’t read the books.

Second Choice is…

Top Ten Book To Movie Adaptations

5. Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

I know a lot of people thought Kate Hudson was the wrong choice for Darcy but, I love Hudson so it worked for me. I read the book first and really liked it and the movie was jut as enjoyable. I don’t think they are going to do the sequel but I would love to see it if they do.

4. The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

I liked the book better than the  movie mostly because of the ending. But the movie had all the fashion! I would just die if I got to walk around in the Vogue accessories closet.

3. The Body In The Library By Agatha Christie

I really love Miss Marple books and I have read quit a few but this was my first and favorite. I read the book years ago and then recently stumbled upon the movies on Netflix. I think my favorite part is Geraldine McEwan who plays Marple, she is exactly as I imagined her,

2.  Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

I watched the movie first and so went into the book thinking I knew what I was going to get. Boy was I wrong. They are so different. The have the same basic premise and the names are the same but that’s about it. They were both really funny and I can’t decide which one I love more.

1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

I love this book, I love the 1995 film version and, I love the 2005 film version . Colin Firth will always be my favorite Darcy but Matthew Macfadyen is like really sexy so. Yeah I love everything that has to do with Pride and Prejudice end of discussion.

The Warmth Of Other Suns By Isabel Wilkerson


Written By Isabel Wilkerson

Published October 4th 2011 by Vintage

Read the synopsis at goodreads

I read this in eBook format and, about 15% into  it I realized I wasn’t going to be able to give a real review of this book. Not in the way that I have for other book. This book hit me in a way no other book ever has. It made me feel uncomfortable, angry, and so unbearably sad that I would have to put the book down for days.I am going to attempt to tell you why I am having such a hard time reviewing it but, I apologize in advance if it comes out poorly. Everything I know about my father’s side of the family my mother told me.  My paternal grandfather was born in Louisiana and moved to Littlefield Texas where he married my grandmother. Both of his parents died when he was very young and he wouldn’t make it past 6th grade.  My grandmother would have to drop out before she reached high school and, would give birth to her first child at age 14. They would both work as sharecroppers picking cotton while they raised their 17 children. She would be pregnant for the greater part of 2 decades. My father was number 14 and she would be back in the field picking cotton just 2 days after he was born. Eventually they headed west and in the late 60’s they ended up in New Mexico. I never realized that they were in fact part of the great migration. They may not have gone as far west as California or as far north as New York, or Detroit but they still got the heck out of dodge so to speak. The really sad thing is until last year I had a walking talking piece of history in my grandmother and I never bothered to ask her anything about her life . My grandfather died before I was born and I honestly know next to nothing about him. Up until now I was content with the few stories my mom would tell me.  Now that my grandmother is  dead I realize what I have lost.  I feel like I know what racism is, I sure don’t need a lesson on it. I have experienced racism first hand and, I have watched it happen to my father and friends but, I also know that what black people my grandmothers age faced doesn’t touch what I have seen. I’m not entirely sure I would have been able to handle what she may have told me but, I should have asked. I think that is the key reason why this book was so emotional for me. Nothing in this book was new to me but the way Wilkerson presented it made me feel it in a different way.

I agree with some of the other people who have said it was a bit long-winded but, it didn’t bother me and, I didn’t feel talked down to. There was a ton of information in this book and it was at times overwhelming but, I found that putting the book down for a day or so helped with that feeling.  I think people tend to forget that it wasn’t that long ago that it was perfectly ok to keep a black person from buying or renting a home, from entering a restaurant or getting a decent education, not to mention kill them. The correlations Wilkerson draws between treatment of blacks then and what’s going on today are so well done. In some ways we have come so far and in others we are as we ever were. Overall even though it was a difficult read it was well worth it and, I will likely read it again not soon but sometime in the future.

Until Next Time

Forty (ish) Favorite Backstreet Boys Songs of ALL TIME!

 For those that don’t know the Backstreet Boys are celebrating their 20th anniversary on April 20th. Yes people you read that right 20 years! On the 20th they will be hosting an anniversary celebration at the Fonda Theater in L.A. On the 22nd they will finally be receiving their well deserved star on the Hollywood walk of fame!  So in honor of their 20th anniversary I am going to do a few posts over the next week that celebrate all my favorite Backstreet Boy stuff starting with my favorite songs.

I was going to attempt my top 20 but that proved to be impossible. It would be like asking a mother to pick her favorite child! OK maybe that’s an exaggeration but it was real hard y’all. So instead I decided top  forty would be good because it would be 2 songs for each year. What I ended up with is really close to forty but not quite.

I will list them by album in chronological order but not order of preference as that would be too hard.


I Wanna Be With You

We’ve Got It Goin’ On

Get Down (You’re The One For Me)

Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)


As Long As You Love Me

Hey Mr DJ (Keep Playing This Song)


If I Don’t Have You

That’s What She Said

10,000 Promises


Larger Than Life

It’s Gotta Be You

I Need You Tonight

Don’t Want You Back

Don’t Wanna Lose You Know

The One


No One Else Comes Close

Shape Of My Heart

I Promise You (With Everything I am)


More Than That

Not For Me

Yes I Will





Crawling Back To You

I Still

Lose It All

Climbing The Walls


Never Gone



Helpless When She Smiles



Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon


Straight Through My Heart


If I Knew Then

This is US




All In My Head

Those are my favorite (for now) BSB songs. In truth I love almost every one of their songs.  I think there are 3 songs that I don’t love but I don’t hate them either. In reality if I did this list a year from now or a year ago there would be a difference in the songs selected because every time I listen to a BSB song I think OHMYGODILOVETHISSONGSOMUCH!! So yeah!


Top Ten Tuesday

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday brought to you by the lovely ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish is….

Top Ten Characters I Would Crush On If I Were Also A Fictional Character

I feel like some of my picks may be really redundent. Several of my picks will be people I have already talked about and several will probably be on other lists. However, I am going to go ahead and tell you anyway.

9.  Dex from Something Borrowed By Emily Giffin

OK so for the record I think cheating in real life really sucks. But, this is a book and so I can like Dex even though he cheats. He just sounds so cute and even though he made a bad decision well, a couple of bad decisions I still think he sounds adorable.

8. Alex Cross from The Alex Cross books by James Patterson

This guy is smooth. He listens to good music, dresses well, and he’s incredibly intelligent. In the event that a serial killer is trying to kill you he will totally save your life. What more can a girl ask for.

7. Eddie Wesley from Palace Council by Stephen L. Carter

Another smooth guy. A writer during the Harlem Renaissance he is really smart and pretty well connected. He would take a lady to all the right places with all the right people.And, when he falls in love he is all in forever.

6. Jacob Jankowski from Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

Mostly because he tries to save Rosie the elephant. I’m a sucker for guys who love animals

5. Mikael Blomkvist from Girl with the Dragon Tatoo by Stieg Larsson

For the record I wasn’t crazy about the book overall  but Mikael seems kind of sexy. He has that brooding, introspective loner guy thing going on, which is totally not hot in real life but totally is in books. Also Daniel Craig played him in the movie so um yeah.

4.  Laurie from Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

I love, love, love Laurie. He was my first book boy crush.

For the record I am all about the grand gesture when it comes to fictional love stories as the 3 men below illustrate.

3. Gilbert Blythe from Anne Of Green Gables Series By L.M.Montgomery

I love Gilbert in every way possible. And this might be cheating a bit but I saw the mini-series first and, was thoroughly in love with him before I read the book. I think it had something to do with Jonathan Crombie who played Gilbert but, I could be wrong!

2. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

What should I say? Umm you all know why he’s here right? So instead of talking about him  can we please talk about all the awesomeness that is The Lizzie Bennet Diaries? I literally swooned during the last few episodes with Darcy and Lizzie. If you haven’t seen it go check it out even if you’ve never read Pride and Prejudice.

1. Noah Calhoun from The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

 He wrote her 1 letter every day for a year. He built her a house. He lived in a nursing home even though he didn’t really need to just so he could be with her. He read the story of their life to her so she would come back to him. What else is there to say. OH I know Ryan Gosling plays him in the movie!!

So as you saw I only had 9 fictional crushes this week but I think they are all winners. What about you who are you crushing on?

Until Next Time