Happy 20th Anniversary

So I just got back from a trip to California where I spent about 8 days riding rides, eating too much and, celebrating the Backstreet Boys 20th anniversary. Yes that’s right folk 20 years. I myself have been a fan for 17 years so I knew that I had to be in L.A. to celebrate.I was 14 when I discovered the Backstreet Boys and I have been a major fan ever since. I am the kind of fan who goes to the store at midnight to get the new album, who travels wherever they have to for concerts, and who imports albums from Japan just so I can get that one bonus track that’s not available in the U.S. . So the anniversary party took place Saturday night at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood. I stood in line for 3 hours something that I probably could have done with more ease about 10 years ago. The show started about 15 minutes after I got in and I had a blast. The overall experience was great but I have no photos to show since both my phone and camera went dead almost as soon as I got into the  place. BSB played some new music which you can listen to here. OHMYGOD the music sounds excellent and kind of different from what they have done before.  I am so excited for the new album it’s been way to long since I’ve had new music from them. They also told some funny stories about crazy fans, showed a clip from their upcoming documentary and answered some fan questions.

Initially I was planning on attending the Walk Of Fame ceremony that was held on Monday the 22nd but, after standing for so long at the party and then going to Disneyland on Sunday I was so tired. Some people got there at 7am and the ceremony didn’t start until around 11:30am. You can watch the ceremony here if you are so inclined. In the end my family wanted to go to California Adventure so I watched the ceremony on my phone while walking around and waiting in line for rides. I admit I teared up a bit especially during Kevin’s and Aj’s speeches. I know it sounds lame but the Backstreet Boys are much more than just a group of singers to me their music holds a special place in my heart. That however is a different subject for a different time.  I really would have liked to watch it live but I just couldn’t do it. Thank goodness it was off-season and the lines weren’t long and there were a lot of places to sit or I might not have made it!  I ended up visiting the Hollywood walk of fame on Wednesday partly because in all the times I’ve been to California I have never done it but, mostly to see the Backstreet Boys star. The walk of fame is nothing like I thought it would be and now I know what it’s like but I wont be doing it again.

The one and only photo I took

The one and only photo I took

I had a great time and now it’s back to anticipating the new album and the next tour. I believe they will be releasing a single soon and I will be back to talk about that.  I am also anticipating an album release date soon and tour dates as well.

Next up I have a couple of book reviews and my first monthly wrap up.

Until Next Time


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