Book Review The Cutting Season by Attica Locke

cutting season

The Cutting Season

Written by Attica Locke

Published September 2012 By Harper

The American South in the twenty-first century. A plantation owned for generations by a rich family. So much history. And a dead body.

Just after dawn, Caren walks the grounds of Belle Vie, the historic plantation house in Louisiana that she has managed for four years. Today she sees nothing unusual, apart from some ground that has been dug up by the fence bordering the sugar can fields. Assuming an animal has been out after dark, she asks the gardener to tidy it up. Not long afterwards, he calls her to say it’s something else. Something terrible. A dead body. At a distance, she missed her. The girl, the dirt and the blood. Now she has police on site, an investigation in progress, and a member of staff no one can track down. And Caren keeps uncovering things she will wish she didn’t know. As she’s drawn into the dead girl’s story, she makes shattering discoveries about the future of Belle Vie, the secrets of its past, and sees, more clearly than ever, that Belle Vie, its beauty, is not to be trusted. Synopsis taken from goodreads

This is another book on the Clutch list that I am working my way through. I had never heard of Attica Locke or The Cutting Season but, the synopsis sounded so interesting and new at least to me. Plus I love all things Louisiana/New Orleans. Louisiana is second only to Paris (France not Texas) on the list of places I would love to visit. The book however did not draw me in right away like I was expecting it to. It wasn’t until about 1/4 of the way in that the book really got going for me. Caren the women that the book centers around was a hard person to like, in fact no one in the book is all that likable. Now I am not one of those people who has to like characters to like a book so, it didn’t bother me. The story itself was enough to keep me interested. This is the kind of book I usually listen to in audiobook format and, I may have enjoyed it just a bit more if I had done that. I never had that edge of my seat feeling I was expecting mostly because I thought I had it figured out which I didn’t. I think had I not assumed I knew who the killer was it would have felt more suspenseful. I did feel like I wanted more when it came to the story from the past.  That side of things had the potential to be really interesting and it almost fell a bit flat for me. The thing I appreciated most about the book was the way it ended. Although things weren’t left hanging they weren’t wrapped up in a pretty bow either.  Overall I enjoyed this book and will probably read something else from Locke in the future.

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