OH So That’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

So the other night I went to see Fast and Furious 6 starring Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and other people but let’s be honest those are the names you go for.  Well at least that’s why I go. I have watched every fast movie  in the movie theater because they beg to be seen on a huge screen with surround sound. I already loved this franchise and then they added The Rock  to Fast 5 and it got even better. I will watch pretty much anything if it’s got The Rock in it no joke, I watched the Tooth Fairy people, yes I did. OK so what’s the point of this? First that I loved this movie, it was  the best one so far and, that I have no shame in telling people that I loved it. Second that some people call this kind of entertainment a guilty pleasure and dismiss it as valueless.. Sometimes people mock these things and ridicule people for liking them. I call these people pretentious. As someone who has loved the Backstreet Boys for about 17 years I am very use to people giving me crap for it. And well I think that’s why I just don’t care any more  what people think about the things that I like.

I went to see the movie with a friend from work and she couldn’t seem to just enjoy it for what it was, FUN! At the end of the movie I turned to her and said the baby at the beginning looked nothing like the baby at the end, and she rolled her eyes and said “oh that’s the only inaccuracy you’ve picked up on in this movie”.  I realized that not only had I picked the wrong person to watch Fast 6 with but, that I should have known that based on my knowledge of her. I actually felt kind of sorry for her. She never seems to just enjoy things without caring if they are the right thing to like. I wonder why she even went to see the movie with me?  Look I don’t go to the Fast movies to learn anything, I go because fast cars, hot guys, loud music, crazy stunts and did I mention hot guys? Sometimes I don’t want to learn anything from a movie I just want to spend 2 hours watching Vin Diesel drive a car really fast, fight a bunch guys at once and then walk away with only a scratch under his eye into the arms of his lady love. Yes sometimes I really just want that!! If that’s not your bag it’s cool but why you gotta rain on my parade? So the point of this little rant is to say I love a ton of  things that are considered guilty pleasures and, that I think they have their place. Maybe for you it’s Iron Man or The Hangover movies. Maybe it’s Sandra Bullock RomComs which I also happen to love.Maybe you love the Spice Girls or One Direction or romance novels or YA books about sparkly vampires. Whatever it is if you love it and it brings you joy, laughter, fun than it has value. So in the spirit of this post here are a few more of my not so guilty, guilty pleasures.

  • All the Die Hard movies
  • Bruce Willis in all his movies
  • The first 3 Madea movies
  • Tyler Perry movies that don’t have Madea
  • Nora Roberts books
  • Mary Higgins Clark books
  • Most of the Real Housewives incarnations on Bravo TV
  • Anything I watch on Bravo TV
  • Sex and The City the TV show
  • Sex and The City the movie
  • Every single Marvel superhero/comic book movie I mean all of them even Daredevil and Elektra yes I am serious I even loved Elektra. It wasn’t that bad just go back and watch it again, no really watch it I promise it’s better than you remember.
  • The movie Snakes on a Plane
  • The movie The Wiz OMG I love this movie so much
  • Movies with Common in them yes Common the rapper I know!

That list could have gone on for EVER people but I controlled myself. Your Welcome!

What are your thoughts on things that are guilty pleasures? Do you love them/hate them have no opinion of them? Are you embarrassed to talk about your guilty pleasure for fear of what other people will say? Are you someone who looks down on or judges others for liking “guilty pleasures”?  What’s your definition of a guilty pleasure?

Until Next Time

Enjoy those guilty pleasure I know I will!!


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