Top Ten Tuesday Freebie!!

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I took my sweet time trying to figure out what to post about and I think I finally decided.

Top Ten Books/Authors/Genres/Topics I am just not interested in or don’t want to read

These are things I just don’t want to read or see myself reading for one reason or another I can’t take credit for this I totally stole it from Grace over on YouTube. Click here to see her video and visit her channel

1. The Harry Potter Series By J.K Rowling

I know it’s almost sacrilegious in the book community to have not read this. Everyone talks and talks about this series and it ends up on almost everyone’s favorites lists but for me it holds no interest. I get why people are into it I’m just not one of those people

2.  Moby-Dick by Herman Melville

I know it’s a literary classic, it’s got mad symbolism and there’s Ishmael,but man it sounds boring!  I don’t actually know anyone IRL that has read this book, I just know it’s on the list of books you are supposed to read.

3. The Help By Kathryn Stockett

I watched this movie but only because my mom and nana wanted too and I love Octavia Spencer but I had mixed feelings about it. I really liked the actors in the movie and it held my interest but I am really over this theme in movies, books and TV. The theme I am talking about is the one where the poor downtrodden black person won’t do anything to help themselves, either because they aren’t very smart or, they aren’t very brave. Enter the benevolent courageous white person who shows them the way. That may not be what the author was going for but after the movie and reading the description that’s the feeling I get.Also in the book synopsis they describe Minny as “perhaps the sassiest woman in Mississippi” .Anytime a black woman is described as sassy I feel icky and it makes me want to run in the opposite direction.

4. Eat, Pray Love By Elizabeth Gilbert

I just think it sounds whiny. I really like Julia Robert but even she couldn’t save the movie for me. I just don’t think I want to invest the time.

5. Magic/Supernatural

I don’t know what it is I just don’t find it interesting. I have read books where there is a touch of something magical or it’s alluded to.If magic is the theme or plays a major part I am probably gonna skip it. If it’s about supernatural creatures vampires. werewolves, fairies, witches, wizards etc. I am out as well.

6.  New Adult

Yeah I feel a bit weird reading about people in their late teens and very early twenties having sexy times.  I actually think these books are marketed to 18-30 year olds so I am right on the cusp but still, awkward for me. I know they are about more than just sex but I am just not in the new adult phase of my life right now.

7. Gillian Flynn books

I jumped on the Gone Girl bandwagon and I really didn’t enjoy it. I had never heard of Flynn until this book and it sounded so suspenseful. What I got instead was a miserable book full of miserable people having you guessed it a miserable time! By the end of the book I hated everyone in the book,and myself for reading it. I have looked at her other books and they also seem miserable so I’ll skip it.

8.  David Levithan

I know that he is a major author and people talk about him all the time. Every time I hear about one of his books it’s a rave but the books just don’t appeal to me.

9. UnWholly By Neal Shusterman

This is strange because I read UnWind and thought it was pretty good and intriguing. I immediately put UnWholly on my goodreads TBR and then a few days later I knew I would never pick it up. I don’t have an explanation but I just don’t want to read the series anymore.

10. Anna and the French Kiss/Lola and the Boy Next Door By Stephanie Perkins

All I hear are raves about these books. Sometimes people love one a but more than the other but either way, it’s all love all the time. I just feel eh when I think about them. I think I might have wanted to read them about 15 years ago but alas that time has passed

Alright so that’s my list. If you love a book or author or genre on this list don’t be offended that I am not interested in it. This is just my little old opinion and well who knows I could be dead wrong.

Until Next Time


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday Freebie!!

  1. You don’t want to read Harry Potter OR Anna? That’s certainly an anomaly, but an understandable one. I liked both, but didn’t LOVE them as much as everyone else, and I sort of feel the same way about Divergent-despite all the hype, I don’t think I’ll pick it up.

    • Yeah I know people always look at me funny when I say I haven’t read Harry Potter. I got thru about 1/3 of Divergent and then put it down. I really disliked it. After I read Hunger Games and liked it I thought I would love all the other dystopians turns out not so much.

  2. Like your theme…not often we give thought to what not to read! 🙂 Seeing things like Moby Dick makes me think of those 100 book “must-read-to-be-taken-seriously” lists. Why do we have individuality in most aspects of life, but then subscribe to a sheep like mentality on reading taste? I did have Gone Girl on my list of must reads (it sounded so intriguing), but may reconsider. Other than that, the only book on this list I have read, was “Eat, Pray, Love”, and it came at a time in my life where it resonated with me. I haven’t done the follow up (Committed) yet, but will take a listen to the narration of the audio book first. The Book Report radio show is featuring it, along with an interview with Gilbert, on this weekends show. It may be a good listen if you’re looking for more books that you don’t want to read! I use it to get a feel for books before going there.
    Entertaining post – thanks!
    PS. the show I spoke of is aired in a number of states; you can find the station guide on bookreportradio{dot}com, also the upcoming featured books and the archived shows.

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