OK So I Have No Idea What I Am Doing!

So sometime last year I decided I wanted to blog. I was/am in a funk in my professional life and I just wanted to try something new. I was big time into watching YouTube videos and reading blogs and I saw how much fun it seemed to be for people. Plus as much as I loved what I was watching and reading I didn’t see a lot of the things I was reading represented and I thought I could maybe add a little something. Anyway I started a blog over on blogger but I really didn’t like the format. Then I moved over to WordPress and love everything about it.¬† Now I still love WordPress but I changed my mind about my blog name. At the time it sounded right but now it’s just not a fit. BooksandBackstreetBoys ended up being mostly books not so much Backstreet Boys. I also realized I want to blog about other things like music that isn’t by the Backstreet Boys and movies and TV and even sometimes fashion and makeup stuff. So I decided to change again. This may end up being a mistake but right now it just feels right. So I don’t exactly know how this works but I imported all my stuff over to my new blog¬† It’s On Page 47 click the title to check it out if you want. I am not sure exactly how this works. I know all my posts and comments go with me but I don’t know if my subscribers do. So if they don’t and you want to follow me come on over. If not thanks for being with me thus far.


Thanks and Hope to see you over on my new site.