About Me

Here are the facts

  • 31
  • female
  • living in the southwest
  • 4 spoiled mangy cats
  • Lover of all things Backstreet Boys related

Lover of many types of books including but not limited to historical fiction, adult fiction of any kind, non-fiction, biography, mystery/suspense/cozies, chick lit an occasional YA,  dystopian or sci-fi book just to keep it interesting. I don’t read supernatural books or anything that is explicitly sexual or is classified as erotic fiction.
I decided to start this blog because I am in a giant rut in my life right now. Everything is just OK and I wanted to get excited about something again. I thought maybe if I started a blog I would find some passion again. I ran through a list of things I really love and eventually it dawned on me to combine my love for books and for the Backstreet Boys. I’ve been forcing my family and friends to listen to my non stop rambling about the Backstreet Boys and, I thought it would be nice to give them a break by writing it down. I also love reading other blogs about books and reading books so I decided it made all kinds of sense to just add that to the mix.

I know these are really random subjects so I don’t really anticipate that many people will be that interested in this here little blog. If no one ever reads it that’s OK  I really just want to do something fun for me. Having said that if you stumble upon me and like what you see welcome and glad to have you!!

One last thing this is primarily a blog about the 2 subjects mentioned above but I reserve the right to write about other subjects such as fashion/beauty, TV, movies, music not sung by the Backstreet Boys, my everyday life and just random stuff I feel like talking about.

You can contact me via email (gglitz4@gmail.com)



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