Reading Challenges 2013

  1.  Clutch Reading Challenge  100 books to read by black female authors  Go check out the list on Clutch. You can also check out the goodreads group by clicking here.
  2. Jane Austen Challenge: So this isn’t exactly a challenge but I do want to read the rest of Jane’s works this year. So far I have read Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility and I loved both. P&P is right now my favorite book (that could change anytime)
  3. Read in a more thoughtful way. OK so this is not so much a challenge either but an intention I have.  Go to the post here to read why I chose to this and why I chose some of the other challenges on this list.
  4.  BBC’s The Big Read. A list of the 100 most loved books in the UK. There are  about 10 books on this list that I would really like to read this year. There are also tons of books I have no interest in on the list. And there are about 10 that I have already read.
  5. I want to read a total of 80 books this year. I have never really kept track of the number of books before and to be honest 80 was just a number that popped into my head when the goodreads challenge came up and, I went with it.
  6. Of the 80 books I am aiming for 60 of them to be either physical books or eBooks on my kindle. The other 20 I am reserving for new audiobooks.
  7. I want to read all of the physical books I own. This didn’t seem like such a big deal when I thought this up in January but now I’m not so sure it’s going to work. I am going to really try to do this one!!
  8. I want to finish the Anne Of Green Gables series of which I have read books 1&2
  9. I want  to re-read the entire Kinsey Milhone series by Sue Grafton, the Goldy Bear series by Diane Davidson-Mott, and the Agatha Raisin series by M.C Beaton. Actually these are all books that I will listen to in audiobook format. I am not going to count any of these towards my 80 book goal they are extras.

So far that’s all I have but I reserve the right to change or add to these. I will check in at the end of each month with a summary of how I am doing on these challenges.


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